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Talent management is the process of attracting, selecting, training, developing and promoting employees through an organisation. Managers who focus on developing talent in-house ensure their employees have the tools and resources they need to perform well, receive proper compensation and transition to leadership roles. Internally developed leaders are valuable assets because over time they have developed the necessary core competencies and internalised company values.

Communication between supervisors and employees is also very important, specifically about the skills and knowledge that align with company goals. By communicating what senior leaders see as important future human capital needs, employees are more engaged and see a greater opportunity to invest in their own development

These actions by management increase the probability employees will be more valuable in the future while improving the likelihood that the company will retain the talent it needs.

Successful talent Management depends on facilitating the marriage of organisational requirements with the individual career aspirations of their employees. We can design a talent management programme to meet the needs of both the organisation and the employees.

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