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What happens to the employees left behind after a restructuring?

Those employees ‘surviving’ restructuring may need a programme of support and development that will re-energise and re-focus the team to achieve the business strategy.

Research suggests that organisational change due to company restructuring indicates that the psychological effects on retained employees are just as deep as on those made redundant (Armstrong-Stassen, M. (1994); Baruch,Y. ad Hind, P. (1999); Kusum, S. (2004)). 

For departing employees, outplacement offers a buffer to ease the situation, but a structural transition management plan for those who are retained, is equally important.

Programme can include :
Module 1   -
Mastering Change at a personal and organisational level.

Module 2  - Resource Analysis – Identifying and building upon our personal, team & organisational resources.

Module 3Repositioning and Delivery – Repositioning ourselves, our teams and our organization to deliver results.

Module 4 - 1-1 Executive Coaching & Team Facilitation can be provided to support growth and progress from module to module.

transition management
transition management