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Synergie is a Career Management company based in Dublin with experience internationally. We have a responsive consulting practice reflecting the uniqueness of our clients, their ever-changing issues and the often volatile environment in which we all operate.

Synergie has the creativity and expertise to develop customised projects and unique solutions to both individuals and corporate clients. We believe that this paired with our operating philosophy, our honesty and integrity, is why our clients retain our services in long-term relationships.

In today¡¯s employment environment, the strategic consideration of recruitment, selection, development, talent and career management initiatives is crucial to the continuous development of a motivated workforce.
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The trend for the number of people moving into self- employment has tripled in the past 20 years. More and more people are making the break and going ¡®self employed¡¯.

Testing the Water questionnaire and tool kit has been designed by Cathy Brown & Rob Nathan of Evolve Consulting in partnership with Birkbeck College, University of London over 18 months of research. The research showed that the transition to self employment can be made easier if certain things are taken into account, issues considered and specific preparation made. This can be summarised into 8 factors. These factors can be clustered into three groups, momentum for change, personal competencies and physical support.

The questionnaire is designed to allow you explore the 8 factors and plot them on an assessment wheel to assess your readiness for self employment. It will identify areas of strengths and also areas to focus on to facilitate the transition to self employment. Ultimately it can answer the question ¡®is self employment for me?

Support can be provided for clients in the form of one to one coaching along with workshops.
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