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The process of choosing a career often begins with self-assessment. These assessments are not tests but exercises which allow you to reflect on various elements of the career decision process.

Taking the assessments as part of a career counselling or career guidance process will bring you closer to understanding yourself, your interests, aspirations, values, skills, abilities, talents and personality.

A career counsellor will discuss your results with you and help you to generate ideas for your career direction. Always keep in mind that no single exercise can tell you "what you should be" and that successful career planning may require a lot of reflecting and thinking and may not happen over night!

Self¨CAssessment exercises as part of a career development programme, allow the individual to explore areas such as values, interests, skills and personality as they develop their self awareness & confidence as part of their career development programme. Used in conjunction with 1-1 career coaching, these exercises are very valuable in bringing the individual to heightened levels of self awareness. Synergie is a licensed user of all of the CCS London exercises.

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career self assessment
career self assessment