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Psychometrics is a loosely used word that has created a whole industry of occupational testing and personality profiling used extensively in recruitment and selection. It covers a variety of tests that are used to assess strengths and development needs of a candidate. Psychometric tests give an accurate prediction of whether a candidate is able to do the job and whether the personality is suited to the work. Research shows that, statistically speaking, psychometric tests are one of the most reliable forms of revealing whether or not a candidate is suitable for a job but must be used in conjunction with the rest of the selection criteria for the role and never in isolation.

Synergie has been utilising Psychometric Tests in selection for nearly 20 years testing candidates for roles in Management, Sales, I.T. Finance, H.R., Administration, Logistics, Technical, Production & Manufacturing. They can be administered in pencil & Paper format or on-line.

Our Consultants are qualified in the use of all British Pschological Society and Saville and Holdsworth (SHL) Test Batteries and also in the administration of many personality profiles such as 16PF and the Myers Briggs (MBTI). All consultants are British Psychological Society Level A&B Certified.

Lisa King, H.R. Business Partner, Unilever Ireland Ltd.
‘Psychometric testing, delivered by Synergie , added a very valuable element to our recruitment & selection process at Unilever Ireland. Our Managers welcomed the added insight it gave them into the hiring process and ensured we were recruiting the best candidates for the vacancies.’

psychometric testing

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psychometric testing