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Psychological Corporation Tests :
Most of these tests were developed by British Psychologists and are validated by the British Psychological Society. The Occupational tests encompass all grades and levels of positions and can be mixed and matched to assess candidates for all types of positions.
General Clerical Test :
This test is an integrated set of 10 tests designed to assess clerical abilities. Extensive research carried out on the skills required in clerical jobs suggests three important areas of competence: Perceptual Accuracy, Verbal Ability and numerical Ability. Each of these three key domains reflects a particular aptitude or specific ability that will be manifest in the work situation in many different ways. The GCT-R makes the link between individual¡¯s broad aptitude for certain kinds of activity and the more specific work place competencies through which these aptitudes find expression within clerical jobs In order to be as comprehensive as possible the GCT-R incorporates all three of these domains.
AH 4 General Ability :
This is a 20 minute test which quickly evaluates general ability and would be generally used for lower skilled jobs where trainability is important.
Modern Occupational Skills Tests :
Within this series of tests are numerous tests that seek to evaluate skills at different levels relative to different job requirements. Thus we can assess Numerical Checking, Numerical Reasoning, Numerical Awareness etc. all tests involve numerical ability but different types of ability. Test times range from 7 minutes to 30 minutes.
Bennett Mechanical Test :
This is a popular 30 minute testy of Mechanical ability is useful for Machine Operator positions.
DAT for Selection, Technical Ability Testing :
This test contains 4 tests, Numerical Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Space Relations and is a good general all rounder test for Technical Staff especially in Trainee positions.
Form Board Manual Dexterity Test :
This test measures a candidate¡¯s dexterity and their sense of space and shape relationships. A valuable indicator for manual tasks in relation to machine operation. It evaluates manual speed and hand /  eye co-ordination.
Ishihara Colour Blindness : 
Evaluates the candidates ability to differentiate colour especially red/green differences. This is extremely valuable for Machine Operators and Control Panel work.
Purdue Pegboard :
This is a Manual dexterity test for selection of employees for industrial jobs such as assembly, packing, operation of certain machine and other manual jobs. This test is popular in the electronics industry where employees work manually with small components.

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